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About Hayden

I am a transformative healer who uses massage, energy healing, hypnosis, and EFT.


As a teenager, I was drawn to paranormal phenomenas and metaphysics. Perhaps that isn’t too unusual as my family practices Transcendental Meditation. In my 20’s, I had several empathic experiences. I didn’t understand what was happening and wanted to learn about it. But when I began doing research, I could not find anything. Later, it seemed like energy healing might have something to offer, and I read about different systems that I could train in. I decided to train in Quantum Touch. It was interesting, but ultimately wasn’t what I was looking for. I began to think that if I tried to figure out my empathic experiences on my own it would take a really, REALLY long time. Yet, when I began working with people who wanted healing, I realized that I already knew what to do. I didn’t need to “figure it out,” to feel what the other person was feeling. By engaging in an active process and connecting with the energy of the other person, allowing a connection to unfold by letting go of intentions and paying attention to the sensations inside me, I was able to bring deep relaxation to others. I decided to call this Wholepoint Energy Healing.


Despite never having had a massage,  I opted to go to massage school. I was excited to learn functional ways to reduce and eliminate pain. After receiving many types of massage at McKinnon Body Therapy Center,  I realized that massage can be as relaxing as meditation. Relaxation itself cures most of the ailments that our modern culture causes.

Reflected light

“A rocketship to nowhere.”  

I went to an acupressure class to “be the body.” I was on a massage table with an extra foam pad on the table. About half-way through the massage, they had me turn onto my back and placed a bolster under my knees. I had this feeling of being encompassed.  I thought this seems like the position that somebody in a cockpit would be in. I wasn’t aware of anyone touching me but felt as though I was alone between all this foam. Every now and then I became aware of tiny movement, someone shifting their hands under me. I had the clear thought, I feel like I am in a rocketship to nowhere. I really sank in.

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Hayden Marcus California Massage Therapy Council Certification Number: 74443

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