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I'm offering all my services on a donation basis at this time. If you'd like to schedule a session for a different amount than what is listed on this site you will have to contact me, you can do so here.

My background of study in traditional esoteric practices has informed my understanding of how to receive a healing or magical remedy and it involves making an offering first before one gets anything in return. This means that, whether or not your offering involves money, we'll be discussing and taking care of that before we begin any work. I'm structuring it this way because there really is something to the traditions that demand this and it really puts you in the right mindset to receive something beneficial. I'm happy to talk about it with you if you're curious for more details.

Regardless of what you choose to offer in exchange for my services, I'm happy to issue a refund in the case of any dissatisfaction. There is a one week time limit on refunds but I'm always able bend the rules if asked nicely as well.

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