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Unteaching Testimonials

Hay is short for Hayden, I started introducing myself with Hay at the end of 2014. I had been working on building Expreience by Attention by providing services as an Unteacher. I had a problem marketing it since nobody knew what an Unteacher was. I still do this work and am happy to tell you all about it if you ask me.

Hayden’s work is amazing. He cut through layers of mental complexity to help me clarify and take action toward my true life’s goals. His style is so low key, you hardly realize it’s happening, but be assured, the experience is life changing.

-Jackie, February 2014

I have been filled with doubts and anxiety about a very big decision in my life that affects everyone in my family in a big way. In just one session with Hayden Marcus, he really helped me resolve and prioritize my conflicts and come to a solid decision. I consider myself very good at looking at pros and cons and coming to the best decision based on facts and intuition but the session with Hayden went much beyond that which I couldn't do on my own. On the day of the session, I didn't feel any particular cathartic moment but I keep returning to that session in order to justify my decision and appease my doubts. Thank you Hayden for clearly showing me the right path.

-Raashi, November 2013

Hayden's on to something, possibly megalithic, possibly astral, possibly so damn ordinary it blows your mind to see it. I strongly suggest a toe-dip in these waters, if not a nosedive. Only good can come of it!

-Alex, January 2013

Experience by Attention cast an entirely new light on my problem - a launch strategy for a new product. Hayden quickly grasped cutting edge technology and applied a new dimension to thinking about it. He succeeded in both laying out a concrete detailed plan of action, and in leading me along conceptually in a way perfectly adapted to my situation. His solution expertly sourced his enlightened understanding of people and behaviours. I was very happy having been provided both a plan to act on and the tools to advance that plan on my own.

-Adrik, August 2012



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