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Chair Massage

On-Site Chair Massage

When I was in massage school one of the most inspiring moments for me was when I was learning about chair massage. My instructor said: “It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in just a few minutes. I like to tell people ‘give me five minutes, I’ll change your life.’”

This was verily demonstrated, both during that class and subsequently as I’ve worked with people in a chair at various schools, events, and offices. The amount of benefit from even a short massage is truly unmissable and it brings me no end of satisfaction to provide these experiences to my clients.

Chair massage is done in a portable chair specially designed to be used for massage. It is padded and sat on in a reverse position with the head and chest supported. Massages are performed with clothes on and no special attire is necessary.

They can be scheduled beforehand or be on a first come first served basis and be from 5-35 minutes in length per person.

Each session is tailored to suit the client and focuses on their specific needs. Special concerns can be adapted for and clients always are informed that they are in charge of directing the session to best suit them and what they are comfortable with.


On-site Chair Massage is billed at $180 per hour. There is a 20 minute break scheduled in for 3+ hour sesssions and a 45 minutes of distributed breaks for 5+ hour sessions.

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