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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

I practice Traditional Thai Massage. It is done fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. It primarily involves lots of compressions and stretching. Some people relate it to Yoga, calling it two person yoga, Thai Yoga, or ‘having yoga done to you’. There is some historical precedent for that as the roots of Thai massage were influenced by Ayurveda, the traditional healing system of India, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I’ve heard stories from people who had the unfortunate experience of getting a Traditional Thai massage from a practitioner that didn’t cater to their needs. They say that ‘Thai is too rough’ but that is only the case if the practitioner follows a sequence and doesn’t adapt their style to the body of their client.

I was taught a gentle style that is client focused and does not follow a set sequence, but rather is adapted to the needs of the client. Pressure can be very light or very strong depending on the goals the client has for the session as well as their preference.

I thoroughly enjoy the creative process of performing a unique massage for my clients, each time we meet.

One of the most important aspects of Thai massage for me is the relaxation that it can produce. Through rhythmic movements and rocking both the client and the practitioner can experience trance states which have been shown to be beneficial for the nervous system as well as other body systems.

When coming for your Traditional Thai massage be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement in any direction.


Session length can be adapted to the needs of the needs of the client and generally I suggest 90 minutes for full body with a generous amount of attention for each area. Thai massage is $225 for 90 minutes.

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