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Wholepoint Energy Healing is a healing system that includes a range of techniques designed to help free our minds from fixed ways of thinking, deepen our understanding of the self and strengthen meaningful connections with others.

The Wholepoint approach to healing includes: The Wholepoint Energy Healing Technique, Chakra Balancing, and EFT.  

Each of the techniques can be practiced individually or together and rest upon a firm individual commitment and responsibility to creating a new reality that speaks to who we are and allows us to reach our fullest potential.

From wherever you are at right now all you need is a plan and a goal and the Wholepoint approach can be used to help you progress more quickly and easily.


Create more love and harmony as you enjoy your life’s authentic unfolding.

As I transition into the trance state necessary to perform healing with Wholepoint I feel a sense of wonderful warmth and fullness. I feel deeply connected to myself and a dissolution of any distance between that and my coworker in this process, the recipient.

There is always a way to get deeper, and I’m always looking for it. I truly appreciate the support that those that work with me give by being there and being open to receive. The response that I have gotten from many of the friends and clients that I have worked with has been truly touching and I love to share the experience and healing effects that they reported having with anyone and everyone I can.

Using feeling and sensation as our guide we will journey through levels of being finding where and why you are having this experience.


Sessions last one hour and cost $210 for in person or $195 for phone or online video call.

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